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Κάνετε κράτηση για άμεση εξυπηρέτηση / Μake a reservation for priority service

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Τεστ Για COVID-19

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Testing For COVID-19

KCTC only takes ONLINE bookings for International Travel. Please book online your time slot & choose the  package that best meets your needs.

Simple! Quick! Hassle-Free!

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Book and pay for your Test at your desired location, (Testing times vary).

What Is A Molecular
RT-qPCR FIT2FLY Covid-19 Test?

A PCR “ Fit2Fly” test is a nucleic acid test that’s used to tell you if you currently have COVID-19.

Many countries now require a negative PCR or Multiplex Reverse Transcription RT-q PCR swab test result with confirmation that you’re fit to fly to allow you to board your flight or ship back into your country.

Our lab is specifically built to cater to the Kefalonian tourism sector for COVID-19 testing which is the necessary entry requirement for airlines and countries. Each test is performed and presented in the format required and recognized by your national accredited body and or government.

Individual tests are backed up by Certified Data Results, clinical validation, boarding kit, QR Code, on hard copy, and e-mail. Country requirements are monitored daily and complied with so you can rest easy and enjoy your holiday.

About us

Kefalonian Corona Test Centre (KCTC) is a Microbiology Analysis Lab, fully licenced by the Kefalonian Medical Association under the current government regulations. Recognising the need to fulfil the needs of the Kefalonian Tourism Sector, KCTC has built the first mass testing centre outside of Athens.

Equipped with the very latest, robotic liquid handling equipment, KCTC has spearheaded the whole of Greece in advanced testing technology. For your peace of mind and express test during the pandemic, KCTC offers local on Island testing and analysis.

A wide range of PCR testing is offered. From simple positive/negative results to Multiplex Reverse Transcription, Quantitive PCR in Real-Time.

Our spacious clinic is furnished with 4 separate test areas to make your visit quick and safe. The on-site lab receives your results immediately to reduce any chance of contamination and places them in the inline test robot for same-day results.

At this moment KCTC is the only same-day test in Kefalonia that complies with the UK “Gold Standard” at 100,000 viral loads and ALL EU cross border requirements.

Enjoy your much needed holiday in Kefalonia, and leave the stress of the right Test with the right results at the right time to us.